Hygiene Maintenance

Through these services, we help create comfortable, safe working and living environments for organizations and their staff, individuals, their visitors, and families. These services include; pest control, cleaning/disinfection, and waste management.

Technical Maintenance and Repair

Through these services, we support organizations in realizing maximum value from our hygiene maintenance services by maintaining their assets that affect cleaning, pest control, and waste management services. These services include; electrical repairs and maintenance, civil repairs and maintenance, and technical repairs and maintenance.

Pest Control


Waste Management

maintenance & Repair

What our clients are saying.

I have worked with D&B since 2012 and have never been disappointed with their services.

Christopher the Managing Director has driven the company to higher heights in terms of customer service and hygiene innovative solutions.

Before I knew Chris as we call him, I was looking for a Pest controller who had the knowledge to handle Bedbugs. At the time I was working with a Starwood property (Sheraton Kampala) and we just concluded a table top exercise and Bedbugs in the hotels was one of the critical topics discussed. As such it was imperative to have a pest controller who knew exactly what to do.
I had six proposals for interview and they all talked about use of chemicals which really would not kill the bedbugs. However, when it was Chris’s turn he explained clearly the procedure of isolation of rooms on both sides of the affected room and two rooms above and two rooms below that would be put out of Order for the duration of the investigation and all rooms around the suspected case would undergo intensive steaming.

Chris got the contract and since then I have worked with him and closely seen him grow his company. Chris is very professional and passionate; he has never disappointed me. Dag & Bragan is one of the most reputable pest control service providers in Uganda, they are trustworthy, customer focused, very reliable and innovative in terms of research for better hygiene solutions. I remember Chris was one of the first to import electronic Sanitizers for sanitizing guest rooms and Public areas during the lockdown 2020, and at Mestil hotel & Residences we quickly embraced the technology, this gave us an edge and a lot of confidence to our guests who were staying and companies who would come for workshops.

I have also known Chris and D&B for the opportunity it offers to young people from the universities, through internship training to enhance their skills in environmental science and Bio technology, not only that but D&B goes ahead to offer its customers soft skills training which enhances and improves the way employees offer services to our guests.

I would blindly recommend Dag & Bragan to any company seeking out Pest control and Hygiene service.

Joyce MoziExecutive Housekeeper - méstil hotel & residences

When our space was rodent infested, the Dag and Bragan team went way above their call of duty. After the initial visit, I received regular calls from staff who were genuinely concerned. The Dag and Bragan staff then made regular visits to ensure the very last of these uninvited visitors were eliminated.

The team also gave very valuable pest control advise to ensure that the problem does not recur.
Additionally, Dag and Bragan project process and documentation was well thought through and professional.

I can confidently refer Dag and Bragan with confidence.

Fugee TumwisigyeApt. Decor

Thank you for your exceptional service.
My family was overwhelmed when they woke up to a house with no cockroaches and tiny rats. I guess their mother rat relocated to an unknown world. We are in a happy home with no mosquitoes. Thank You Dag and Bragan.

God bless the work of your hands. I highly recommend you.

Angel Byarugaba

My family and I struggled with rats for a little over two weeks. Coming back to foul smells and our food supplies nibbled was unpleasant. Our efforts to fight them didn’t yield much until we called Dag and Bragan Limited. They acted fast, analysed the situation and applied the most appropriate methods to trap and eliminate the rodents.

It has been 3 weeks of absolute peace. The house no longer has the foul smell of rats and opening the kitchen door in the middle of the night doesn’t trigger unexpected movements like it did before and we are not worried about our glossaries being eaten by rats.

I will refer Dag and Bragan with confidence.

Ariho KamaraCEO - Nomad Advertising Agency

Jean, I would like to thank you and your team for the pest control services you delivered at the Bunga site. We had uninvited visitors, or well I guess they were invited due to the state of the space at that time. Your team came in for inspection and went ahead to deliver a two phased solution.
I referred you with confidence and had to answer more than once if these guys will get rid of the flying, noisy pests in the ceiling. "Of course" I answered. Thank you for a job well done.
I will definitely do it again with Confidence.

Humphrey KatarikaweMDirect

This is to appreciate you for the services you and your team at Dag and Bragan have rendered us for the last 2 (two) years. We had problems with Mosquitoes and Cockroaches, but you came in and took care of the problem. I want to thank you especially for the follow up service to ensure complete annihilation of the pests. We have not had that problem again this year. This is unlike with the previous service providers where pests would instantly wake up from their sleep as soon as they left our premises.

I am impressed by every member of your team; they are pleasant and take our issues very seriously.

Thanks guys!! I will always refer Dag& Bragan with so much confidence.

Arthut Ronald ArinaitweCEO - Task Managers Ltd

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jean of Dag and Bragan for the commendable job they did at my mother's place. She had always complained of rodents that were a persistent issue but Jean and her team did a fantastic job. Their process of ensuring they deliver helped us appreciate the level of professionalism they attach to their business and I would definitely refer them with confidence. Cheers again to Dag and Bragan.

Bernard BasomaCEO The Ugandan Jobline

Dag and Bragan led by Jean Kafuko Kaweesi was hired to fumigate my home. The team behaved professionally from starting the business through proper communication channels to delivery of the service.

They communicate effectively, they do a follow up, workers are highly disciplined, workers are well protected while working, safety for the client is highly catered for, and above all, their chemicals are legit. For more than 6 months I have not seen a single cockroach in our cars and home, we are free now.

We were also advised on how to keep away from such encroachers.

I greatly recommend Dag and Bragan with confidence

James LubingaCEO Paramount Images Studio Uganda

We were organizing for an event that was due to happen on a Saturday. On Tuesday afternoon before the event, we realized that we did not have something essential, which was sanitizers! We needed sanitizers on every table and not just any kind of sanitizers but customised ones because everything on this event had to be branded with a customised message. We asked ourselves who could get us the sanitizers with the branding we needed considering the time restraint we had. We decided to call Jean Kaweesa of Dag and bragan and ask her if she could get this done by Thursday morning! Not only did she deliver on time but she did a brilliant job! She didn't stress us, we did not have to look for her nor keep calling her to follow up on the order as it is with many service providers! She was very seamless, very fast and very professional!
Thank you so much Jean, I will always refer you with confidence.

Aki AbahoApt Décor Ltd

I have used Dag and Bragan for a while and recommended them to my networks looking for pest control services. In all cases, there has only been praise for their services. They are very methodical in their service delivery guaranteeing one a consistently impressive service every time. I particularly appreciate their two-week follow-up where they return to make sure that any pests which might have survived the first round are taken care of.

As an ISO certified company, Dag and Bragan is an industry leader in Uganda and this shows in the calibre of multinational clients they serve. This industry reputation also makes Jean a great referral partner.

I highly and gladly recommend Dag and Bragan to anybody looking for pest control services in any part of Uganda and soon.... the region!

Mark KaramiraSpe Taxi Cab

During this pandemic season when we re-opened the business after lockdown, it was mandatory for us to have SOPs in place for our locations. We never think twice to partner with Dag and Bragan to supply us with sanitizers on regular basis. They also carefully did disinfection service at our office when one of the staff was suspected positive.

We confidently and proudly recommend them at all time.

Ranjith KumarElite Digital

My cousin was getting married and at the last moment, we realized the bridal party didn’t have sanitizer. I contacted Dag and Bragan, Jean specifically and in a day, she delivered sanitizer which they used. It was beautiful to see the groom sanitize the bride with Brago sanitizer. The bottle was small enough to fit in the groom’s pocket.

Thank you Jean. We had a safe wedding because of Brago sanitizer.

I will definitely refer you with confidence.

Patience BintaNina Interiors

When we held the Imagine Me Blended Virtual Dine and Dream, Edition 6, we were faced with a need to adhere to the COVID19 SOPs. Dine and Dream is an experiential beginning of year event with a corporate touch. We wanted participants on ground to feel safe, yet feel the touch of a classy and relaxing environment. We reached out to Dag and Bragan for a solution. Dag and Bragan gave us Dine and Dream branded sanitiser gels that added a wow effect for our participants.

Thank you Dag and Dragan for making it up to us. You enabled us to sustain a surprise element that we always look for with each of our events.

I highly recommend you for such a client-centric service.

Joan MugenziTeam Leader ImagineMe Africa

I called Jean desperate one morning after having spent another sleepless night due to mosquitoes and geckos that had evaded my peaceful home (a flat). After a few minutes online, Jean assured me that her team would be by for an assessment and would carry out fumigation shortly after. Arnold, the team leader came by to do just that. The fumigation process took less than a few hours. And the team went the extra mile to do the fumigation in my building's manholes at no extra cost. It's already been 2 weeks and no mosquitoes or geckos in sight! Thank you Jean & your team!

I highly recommend Dag & Bragan for all your pest control needs.

Solaire MunyanaMunlite Media Productions

Some of our clients.