Industries Served


Keeping students safe, healthy, and free from biological, physical, and chemical hazards is a priority for any school owner. In environments where interaction is encouraged, keeping healthy and avoiding illnesses is a big challenge.  The school must, therefore, provide clean, disinfected, and pest-free learning environments that support the quality of learning and development.

Services offered include bed bug management, pest and disease sensitization, malaria control, disinfection services among others.

Grain and Food Storage

Good hygiene is important in the storage of grain and food because one of the aspects that determine the quality and integrity of the grain is hygiene. To maintain good hygiene in storage, Dag & Bragan offers these services;

  • Store and Silo cleaning.
  • Fumigation and Pest control including trend analyses and data.
  • Inspections and recommendations related to Good Hygiene Practices.


Regular house cleaning, pest control, and waste management are an essential requirement for modern homes. We turn your waste into manure and use it for home gardens or urban farming. Pest control is important to protect families from vectors like mosquitoes and rodents.

Service offered include;

  • Carpet & Upholstery cleaning.
  • Pest control services.
  • Waste management (manure & urban Farming support )


Healthcare facilities are places where people go to seek treatment and therefore, it’s imperative that the hygiene in hospitals is at its best. Exposure to other hazards is should be prevented. We ensure hazards do not compromise patient safety through;

  • Cleaning and disinfection services.
  • Integrated pest management services.
  • Hazardous and non-hazardous waste management services.


This industry requires the highest standards of hygiene in order to prevent contamination. Hygiene must be monitored regularly and executed with the use of proper detergents, tools, and equipment. Pests are monitored with a rigorous integrated pest management plan including trend analysis of all pests. Waste is managed responsibly as required by government regulations.

Services include;

  • Cleaning and disinfection services
  • Integrated pest management services
  • Waste management services

Commercial Property

Good hygiene standards in commercial properties ensure that your tenants and visitors are safe. This also protects the reputation of the property. We build cleaning systems for both high and low traffic places and ensure your public toilets are clean. Integrated pest management plans put into consideration trend analysis of pests to identify source and season of high infestation, which information helps us to find solutions. Waste management on commercial properties requires segregation from source and the proper treatment; we are building and promoting on-site treatment mechanisms for organic waste.

Food Preparation

Good hygiene practices are one of the key fundamentals in food safety and can be defined as handling, preparing, and storing food or drinks in a way that best reduces the risk of consumers becoming sick from the food-borne disease. The principles of food safety aim to prevent food from becoming contaminated by physical, biological, or chemical hazards resulting in food poisoning.

We support business in this sector to keep away food hazards by executing their clean as you go programs, disinfection of food preparation areas, deep cleaning of kitchens, waste management and pest control as required by HACCP and other international standards.

Warehouse and Logistics

Cargo is one of the ways pests and pathogens move from one continent, office, store to another.  Cargo inspections must involve the integrity of the cargo and conform to strict regulations. This means that cargo, before export, must be kept in a safe area free of pests and pathogens. Cargo received must be checked and stored in a pest-free and clean environment before it’s distributed to retailers or end-users. This requires fumigation of cargo and ensuring proper hygiene and sufficient pest control programs in stores.  Services offered include;

  • Fumigation and pest control including trend analysis and data.
  • Cleaning services
  • Waste Management Services


Clean and neat retail stores and malls attract customers and are considered safe spaces to shop.  This requires an understanding of the effects of traffic on hygiene in all its aspects. Volumes of waste and their management cycles must be understood well and scheduled accordingly. Pest control programs that suit the space must be designed and monitored for effectiveness.

Service offered include;

  • Pest control services
  • Cleaning services
  • Waste Management Services