Services Cleaning and Disinfection


We offer professional cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting of commercial and residential properties to protect users from pathogens and also maintain the beauty of surfaces.

A pathogen is an organism that causes disease. Pathogens can be transmitted in several ways; for example through skin contact, body fluids, airborne particles, contact with faeces, and coming into contact with a surface touched by an infected person. Good institutional and personal hygiene helps prevent disease caused by pathogens.

We clean all type of surfaces like walls, windows, upholstery and other special floor types (carpets, tiles, natural stones like granite, marble, and slate).

Specialized cleaning services

  • Disinfecting or sanitizing of offices and homes from bacteria and viruses.
  • Food establishments with knowledge of good hygiene practices and HACCP, we offer tailor-madeĀ  “Clean as You go” maintenance cleaning programs to safeguard your food production or preparing areas from bacteria and viruses.
  • Deep kitchen/spring cleaning.
  • Natural stone (marble, granite, and slate) floor cleaning and restoration.
  • Strip and seal (polish) of all floor types (vinyl, runner, clay, etc.).

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